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Vegetables, Herbs & Small Fruits

Sustainability has become an important way of life for many, and growing one’s own garden allows the gardener the satisfaction of knowing exactly where their produce has come from, how it was grown, and how it’s been preserved from garden to pantry to the table. Wendell Niepagen Greenhouses has been a longtime source for vegetable plants, gardening advice, and cutting edge knowledge of current trends in gardening.

We are pleased to provide one of the largest varietal selections of tomatoes and pepper plants in the area, in addition to other vegetable plants and herbs for your garden or container planting. We offer more than 70 varieties of tomatoes – from slicers, to saucers, cherries/grapes, and a wonderful selection of heirlooms. We carry more than 20 varieties of peppers – from sweet California Wonder Bells to the super-hot Carolina Reapers! We are also your source for garden seed, seed potatoes, asparagus, and sweet potato slips.

We offer small fruits such as strawberry plants in early spring, rhubarb, grapes, raspberries and blackberries, and several varieties of blueberry plants to suit your needs.