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Classes & Events

Is your garden club or group interested in a demonstration seminar or hands-on class? We have developed several class topics to suit any group’s need and budget. During our “busy” season, we can’t come to you, but you can come to us! There always is interest in our special classes, so talk with class coordinator, Kelly. Class fees do apply and are based on the type of class requested. Groups must have a minimum of ten participants.

Niepagen Workshop List, 2016

Container Design
Create your own beautiful container gardens with hands-on instruction & guidance.
Container Ponds
Bring easy to maintain miniature ponds to your patio & garden by converting regular flower pots!
Landscape Design for Beginners: Curb Appeal
Curb Appeal – Take control of your curb appeal!
Landscape Design for Beginners: Backyard Oasis
Learn to design & build your own backyard vacation destination!
Perennials for Problem Areas: Shade
Shade Gardens don’t have to be boring!
Perennials for Problem Areas: Sun
Explore the world of drought tolerant, heat tolerant and just plain TOUGH sun plants.
Butterfly & Bee Gardens
Invite a bit of fleeting beauty and learn to support our flying pollinators!
Attracting Hummingbirds
Fleeting, flying jewels! Learn to bring hummingbirds to your garden!
Roses 101
Demystify these jewels of the garden and bring old world elegance to your home.
Veggie & Fruit 101
Set the foundation for a productive year with Lee’s tried & true garden techniques.
The Radical Produce Garden
Go radical with Kelly’s non-traditional garden techniques!
Dive into the world of tomatoes!
Herb gardening
Create a flavor palette outside your front door!
Kokedama: Japanese Hanging Gardens
Dramatically hanging mossball gardens, kokedama are fairly simple to make but the possibilities are endless!
Fairy Gardens
Bring a whimsical, enchanting world to your home with fairy gardens.


Coming Soon!

We work hard at providing fun, community-minded and family-oriented activities for our customers and friends. Most events are tied to people’s love of gardening and nature in general, of course. Sometimes the events revolve around holidays or special days… frequently there is music and food… almost always there are special sales items available… and most times they are just plain fun– sometimes even WACKY!

Disclaimer: Wendell Niepagen Greenhouses & Garden Center reserves the right to cancel events & classes, if unforeseen circumstances arise.